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This trunk of books holds the key for
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Novels for Any Age ~ We invite you to join us in a delightful blend of two worlds--the "Let's Pretend" world of the dolls and their friends and the "Reality" of the world in which we generally live. So come, meet the cast of characters...

PennyElizabeth AnneJenny MarieWAifTarantula
Their Books, Waiting for Waif and Overnight Delivery,
are now available in an Intrix edition.

The Intrix edition of the doll books is formatted, laser printed and assembled by hand at the Intrix studio. The signatures (groups of pages) are printed with the grain of the paper properly oriented for easier page turning, sewn together, and then carefully reinforced and bound into the cover with book binding glue, all of which means the book, unlike many paperback books, will lie open on a table or desk. The Intrix Edition is available only from Intrix, Inc. A standard paperback edition is also available.

The Tree That Never Was, The Odyssey of White Fir, is a full color book, illustrated at every page turn.

Article of Interest ~ Real Men Sleep with Bears

And then there is Tiny
Tiny America's Best Loved Villain
Come meet him!

For the Educator ~ The author has taken some of her most successful teaching and learning strategies and made them easily available to teachers and parents.

~ Times and Times Again
~ Waiting for Waif, Educational Supplement
~ Writing: A Sixth Grade Program
~ Writing: The Final Step

More Amazing Reads ~
     This Far by Faith by Faith Fowler
     Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease by Caldwell B. Esselstyn, Jr., MD.

Why is a teddy bear neverr hungry?
Because he is always stuffed.

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