Although her closet is filled to overflowing, an Intrix Doll's favorite outfit is often any one of her many brightly colored skirts each accented with at the lower edge with white rickrack and eyelet lace. Her skirt fastens in the back with one large button. Two straps cross in the back before passing over her shoulders to button to the waistband in front, thereby properly securing her skirt in place. A white blouse with embroidered trim in a coordinating color completes her outfit. Both are made of cotton and are gently washable. Look carefully and you'll notice the little happy faces in the eyelet lace of her skirt. 

The little clothes rack in the lower right corner of the closet photo is where they hang their overalls outfits. Shown below are her outfits that are currently available for ordering. 

CAUTION:  Theses garment items are for the Intrix Doll. They are not to be worn by a child of any age. 

The fabric in this skirt is one of our favorites. See below...

The fabric in this skirt is one of our favorites. See below...

The Coordinating White Blouse ~ Gathers at the neck and sleeves of this blouse give it an extra special little girl look. Add the colored embroidery and lace and it's a favorite in every color. Five white buttons fasten the blouse in the back. This blouse coordinates nicely with both skirts and overalls. 

This is her go-to slip for most of her outfits. The ruffle, which is trimmed at the lower edge with eyelet lace and embroidered detail, gives extra fulness under her skirts. Two small white buttons in the back fasten the slip. 

The pantalettes, made from the same cotton as her ruffle slip, have the same lace and embroidered detail. A white ribbon bow at the lower edge of each leg peeks out from under her skirt.