Waiting For Waif

Story and Excerpt from the Book

At Milepost 79 a spoiled seven year old boy tosses one of his toys out on the freeway. Bear and the two rag dolls, Elizabeth Anne and Jenny Marie, are not far behind. The distressed toys implore their busy Mistress Sarah to stop so they can rescue it, but at home the sympathetic toys soon discover their little refugee is full of ugly surprises.

Excerpt from Waiting for Waif, Chapter One ~ Checking Out
    They never even bothered to name her.
    In the back seat of the car, the little yellow toy’s seven year old master was having another tantrum.
    Beside him the long eared toy was terrified. Whenever her spoiled young master was having a fit he illustrated it with some truly ugly language which his overly indulgent parents rarely noticed or bothered to correct. Harsh words, however, were never the end; generally they were only the beginning. Violence often followed.
    Usually he would put his nameless toy on the floor and jump up and down on it, but in the crowded back seat there wasn’t room for that. Noting that his parents had neglected to lock the rear window controls, he buzzed down his window. Then with deliberate and angry intent, he took hold of the toy and tossed her out. Three bounces and too many tumbles to keep track of later, she flopped to a jarring stop against the unyielding steel of a pole topped with a small sign…

    Unloved, unwanted, and unnamed, things the little toy had always feared but never wanted to think about were suddenly coming to pass.
    She wondered if it was time to check out.

Excerpt from Chapter Two ~ Lost and Found
    “Stop,” cried the little bear riding next to the front seat headrest in her Mistress Sarah’s car.
    “I can’t,” Mistress Sarah said. “We’re on the freeway.”
    “But we have to. There’s a toy back there we need to rescue,” Bear said.
    “Are you sure?” Mistress Sarah asked. “It may be a while before we come to the next turnaround.”
    “I’m sure,” Bear said.
    In the back the two dolls, Elizabeth Anne and Jenny Marie... 

Waiting for Waif ~ Paperback book, standard paperback edition, 5.25" x 8", 80 pages. $7.95

Waiting for Waif, Special Edition ~ Easy-on-the-Eyes, large print. $7.9

Waiting for Waif, Intrix Edition ~ Formatted, laser printed and assembled by hand at the Intrix studio. The signatures (groups of pages) are printed with the grain of the paper properly oriented for easier page turning, sewn together, and then carefully reinforced and bound into the cover with book binding glue, all of which means the book, unlike many paperback books, will more easily lie open on a table or desk.The Intrix Edition is a handmade paperback book available only from Intrix, Inc. 5.25" x 8.25", 80 pages. $11.95

Waiting for Waif, Educational Supplement is a companion book to Waiting for Waif that offers parents and educators suggestions for exploring related areas.

Waiting for Waif by A. V. Pong

Waiting for Waif by A. V. Pong