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The Intrix Rag Doll in her debut outfit.

How Do I Order?

All ordering is transacted through the "Shop" page on our website. 

When ordering the Intrix Doll, be sure to (1) order the doll and (2) send us an email with the following information:  your color choices for hair and eyes, name for the doll's heart, order number and your name. 

Some of the books can be ordered through local bookstores and may also be available on Amazon.com. 

Where Can I See the Doll Before Ordering?

The Intrix Doll is sold only by Intrix, Inc. We encourage you to make an appointment and come by to visit the dolls in person. If distance does not make this practical, you may wish to email us for a sample of her skin fabric and/or her hair and we will gladly send it to you.  

Do You Accept Returns?

We want you to be delighted with your purchase from Intrix, Inc., so do take time to read the pertinent information and description on the website before ordering. If you have a concern after your shipment arrives, please contact us within 14 days of the date of delivery so we can do our best to make it right. If there is an error on our part we will replace, repair, of refund as appropriate. In an elective return by the customer, we will deduct original shipping charges from your refund and return shipping will be the customer's responsibility. For additional questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. 

What about Shipping?

We ship only to addresses within the USA with one exception. We are unable to ship any item with stuffing to addresses in the state of Massachusetts. Parcels are shipped via USPS or UPS depending on the item. There are no additional shipping charges for Tiny, the Intrix Doll or her accessories. Books are charged at $1.49 per book.  

Do I Pay Sales Tax?

Sales made in Washington State pay sales tax. Sales tax is also charged on shipping costs within Washington. Items sold via internet to out of state customers but picked up in Washington State pay sales tax at the time of pick up (ref. WAC-458-20-193, Part 2). Internet sales shipped to addresses outside Washington State do not pay sales tax. 

Do Your Items Ever Go On Sale?

At the present time we have no plans to put any of our products "on sale." However, it is possible that at some point we may offer a prototype or two at a reduced price. 

Privacy Policy

We here at Intrix, Inc. are not website and internet gurus. We do know that we ask only for the personal information required to ship and communicate with you regarding your order. We do not share your information with any other company or organization. Your payment information goes through PayPal and therefore Intrix, Inc. does not see any of your credit information. 

Our website and shopping cart are built on the Website Builder provided by GoDaddy.com with whom we have done business for the last twenty plus years. The website "cookie" notification makes our site compliant with UK and EU GDPR data requirements. Our URL is "https" indicating it is a secure website. 

More FAQ's ~ Missing In Action...

Tiny ~ America's Best-Loved Villain

Can the Dolls Be Repaired?

In many cases the Intrix Doll can be repaired although it may require replacing certain parts. Visit the Makeovers page for examples of what we have done. However, fabrics fade and change over time so, for example, a new arm may not match the rest of your doll. In addition, each order of fabric or yarn will vary slightly from previous orders and that which was used when your doll was made. Please do not hesitate to contact us if your have questions regarding hospitalization for your doll.  

Can I Replace Just One Boot?

Yes, you can purchase either a left or right boot. However, the replacement fabric we use may or may not match the one you have so you may want to consider ordering both boots. 

Why Didn't I Get an Answer from Intrix Inc?

We apologize for any missed communication as it is definitely not our intent to ignore you. If you left a message on the phone or email, it may not have gotten to us. Please understand that on occasion a message will drift off somewhere into the great nether lands of cyberspace never to be found. However, more often--

     By Telephone: If you are calling by telephone, we may not have heard the phone ring. When  machines are running, phones are difficult to hear.  

     By email:  We check our messages once a day and sometimes more. And then it could be we accidentally deleted your message before we were able to answer it. If your email seems to have difficulty with the office@IntrixInc.com, an alternate email address that sometimes seems to work better is DollsByIntrix@gmail.com

     We hope that none of the above ever happens but if you do not hear back from us, please do try again. 

Can the Nomex® Debut Garments Be Purchased Separately?

The Debut garments cannot be purchased as separate items. They are available only when the Intrix Doll is purchased. However, if you have purchased an Intrix Doll and one of the items has gone missing, we will be glad to make it available to you. Please contact us so we can make appropriate arrangements.  Other items are regularly available as separates. 

Why So Many Missing Pages on My Internet Search?

We recently changed the platform on which our website is built. Because we kept the same web address this involved deleting one website in order to upload the new one. Unfortunately, many of the pages in the earlier website still continue to show up in searches.

And Other Policies

The Intrix, Inc. logo.

Safety First - Compliance with Safety Standards

Safety is important. Therefore Tiny and the Dolls have been tested by a third party testing lab in the United States to confirm compliance with USA federal toy safety standards. Certificates of compliance may be viewed on the Compliance page. 

Made Where...?

Stuffed toys made in the USA? Really? Yes. All our creations all made here in the State of Washington where we can oversee all aspects of their production. 


Whenever possible we prefer domestic sources. Unfortunately, the production of most fabrics is now overseas, but we are pleased to report that the Nomex® fabric in the debut garments and the polyester stuffing are manufactured in the USA. 

Equal Opportunity and Diversity

We believe in equal opportunity and that the diversity of our country's population contributes to the growth and betterment of our nation. 

Is It Demons and Dolls or Intrix, Inc.?

We are incorporated with the State of Washington Department of Corporations as "Intrix, Inc." The domain names of DemonsAndDolls.com and IntrixInc.com both lead to this website. We like Demons and Dolls because it is phonetically pleasing, works with our products, and is easy to remember and spell.