Our Stories

Our stories reflect the belief that good literature has no need of violence, obscene language, or sexual innuendos

by A. V. Pong

Waiting for Waif

At Milepost 79 a spoiled seven year old boy tosses one of his toys out on the freeway. Bear and the two rag dolls, Elizabeth Anne and Jenny Marie, are not far behind. The distressed toys implore their busy Mistress Sarah to stop so they can rescue it, but at home the sympathetic toys soon discover... read more

by A. V. Pong

Overnight Delivery

Distressed at the state of a neglected friend, rag dolls Elizabeth Anne and Jenny Marie decide a secret makeover is the solution. When Penny arrives with nothing but an old calico dress, Bear and the twin dolls begin a desperate search for... read more

by A. V. Pong

The Tree That Never Was, The Odyssey of White Fir

Will a scrawny seedling’s determination and courage be enough to deal with greedy cousins and the gimlet eye of quality control as White Fir survives a brutal harvest only to face almost certain destruction. 28 pages, illustrated with full color photographs. read preview

And More Amazing Reading: Stories You've Probably Never Read

This Far by Faith, Twenty Years at Cass Community

Faith Fowler, a current day reform leader, writes with a delightful combination of grace, compassion and humor as one short chapter after another unfolds to engage the reader in stories ranging from hookers to homeless and Halloween haunted houses to beauty pageants all to show that other people really are worth the trouble. Cass Community's (in Detroit, Michigan) creative response to the plight of the urban poor is a model of entrepreneurship, empowerment, and dedication. Link to a lengthy preview of the book. 

Prevent and Reverse Heart Disese

Caldwell B. Esselstyn, Jr., M.D. (surgeon, clinician, and researcher at the Cleveland Clinic) documents his original study of men and women who came to him with advanced coronary disease, many of whom were sent home by their cardiologists to die. Twenty years later at the time of writing this book, they remain free of cardiac related symptoms. Easy and enjoyable reading of stories that give hope where before there was none.