Makeovers and the Intrix Doll ~ Penny

Penny ~ before.
(after many years of poor treatment)

Penny ~ BEFORE

How long the dolls last depends on a lot on how well they are treated over the years. Penny went to live with her new mistress many years ago when she was almost as tall as her new little mistress, but unfortunately, Penny did not receive the best of care. Although cherished enough that her mistress kept her for all those years, after thirty-five years she was definitely showing signs of wear and tear when she arrived in nothing but an old calico dress. (That means the poor girl had no undergarments!)

"Help me!" whispered Penny. And Elizabeth Anne and Jenny Marie went to work.

"Help Me!" Whispered Penny

Elizabeth Anne and Jenny Marie, were most distressed about her present condition and decided she was an ideal candidate for a major makeover. A bath, a lot of work on her hair, and new clothes made all the difference! (Penny prefers that we not mention her new stuffing.) When her mistress first saw her after her makeover, she could hardly believe she was the same Penny. Well, she really is still Penny but we think she is a much prettier Penny and able to help her mistress through her upcoming years of medical school.

And now, Penny will never be the same again. We love her new look!

Penny ~ AFTER

We've heard a rumor recently that Penny had a wonderful time while her mistress practiced giving patient physicals and stitching up wounds. Maybe it's because Penny got to be her patient! 

Penny's before and after photographs really are the same doll...they are not fake and have not been altered! (Some have asked, so just in case you wondered...) Read Penny's story in Overnight Delivery or see photos of her bed.

Update ~ Penny's mistress passed her official certification exams and Penny is super pleased.

The First Intrix Doll Makeover ~ In the Beginning...

The Original Doll

The very first doll was always cherished and treated as special by her mistress, just as she still is today. This doll came to her little mistress just after her second birthday. Over the years she has truly been a faithful friend and the best of companions. Always ready to listen and never giving away a secret. For the doll's thirty-fifth birthday, we gave her new stuffing and updated her wardrobe in her favorite color, lavender. Here she is posing for her portrait in a lovely old fashioned floral print. She is looking forward to her fiftieth birthday in a couple of years. 

She is a lovely example of just how long these dolls last when they receive proper care. We've heard that her mistress always makes sure she has a pretty bow or sparkly clip in her hair and even shares some of her jewelry with her little friend who is, of course, delighted. 

The very first Intrix Doll, now nearing her fiftieth birthday.

The very first Intrix Doll, now nearing her fiftieth birthday.